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In times of confusion, chaos and uncertainty,
there is one thing we know we can count on—
Life itself.

It has been clear for decades that our modern industrial consumer lifestyle is harmful to the environment.

Rachel Carson sounded the alarm back in 1964 with her book Silent Spring, which started the environmental movement and led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agence (EPA).

Yet more than 50 years later, environmental and social conditions are worse than ever.

We need to rediscover how to be sustainable.
To move from being apart from nature to being a part of nature once again.

— David Attenborough

What really makes a difference in the environment is the collective effect—for better or worse—of how each of us live every day. We could see that in 2020 when so many places went on lock-down because of the covid-19 pandemic. It only took three weeks of reduced automobile traffic for polluted skies to clear.

Nature has been renewing life on Earth for millions of years. It’s time for the human species to learn what every other species already knows. It’s time to take our place in the ecosystem of the earth and live by the laws of Life.

The Lifely Group offers inspiration and practical information on how we can make a transition from living as industrial consumers to living oriented to Life. Virtually all of the problems we face in our world today stem from operating on an industrial viewpoint, Regardless of what actions we may take superficially, the only way to truly solve these problems is to change our basic underlying assumptions that determine our actions, individually, as a society, and as a species

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
—Albert Einstein

We have been working on a new way of thinking and living for more than thirty years. We call this "lifely" because it is rooted in Life. In industrial society, we live to be consumers. In Life, we live to be humans. 

When we started this website in June 2019, we had a section on this home page about how industrialization is destroying the lives of humans and the Earth. But then the covid-19 pandemic came along and our industrial culture collapsed all around us. Now, in 2021 we need to rebuild our shattered society on a new foundation.

Today we feel an urgency to release this information—even incomplete, even in a rough form—because it needs to start being applied more and more widely right now.

The door has opened.

Our big crisis will soon be seen as a big opportunity.

Something has changed since the pandemic. Whereas some people want to go back to what they call 'normal', some (actually many) are having life-changing realizations that parallel your industrialization-to-nature idea. That's why I think your work and your site are a 'fit' for these times. It's there for those of us looking for a 'way' or even looking for the courage to venture out and find a way. It's a value match for us who could use, not only a guide, but a community, too. A meeting place.

Many thank yous for sharing your new adventures with all of us. Right thing, right time, rightly 🙂

Katherine M.

Hello. We are Debra & Larry Redalia, lifepartners and soulmates.

The Lifely Group is the culmination of our life’s work to understand and live as spiritual beings rooted in nature. This the subject closest to our hearts and indeed has been the foundation of our relationship together for more than 30 years.

After 40 years of leading the market to toxic-free products as Debra Lynn Dadd, Debra is now creating not only another shift of lifestyle but a new way of being and living.

Larry has spent a lifetime living in Nature and making the stuff of life outside of industrialization.

As we step out of the industrial world and into the world of Nature, we're looking around and asking

  • how does Nature work?
  • how can we be part of Nature instead of separate from it?
  • how can we live by the Laws of Nature in our human lives?

Come join us on our journey.

The Lifely Group Websites

At the moment, The Lifely Group is made up of six interconnected websites, but who knows what could happen as we continue to expand!


The Lifely Group


The basics behind what we're doing here at The Lifely Group:

  • About Lifely
  • About Us
  • Definition of Lifely
  • About Industrialization and consumerism 
  • Spirit-Mind-Body
  • Bookstore & Glossary
  • Work With Us




  • Debra's journal about her process of becoming more lifely in daily life
  • Lifely Health guidelines for healing and selfcare using spirit-mind-body and nature
  • Guidelines for Lifely products and services
  • Awareness of nature and our place in it as humans
  • Talk with us one-on-one about any aspect of transitioning from an industrial lifestyle to a lifely way of life

Wholefood Cuisine

* Debra's delicious food blog
* Industrial foods vs whole foods
* See what's at Debra's farmer''s market and how she turns local/seasonal foods into tasty meals
* Visit local wholefood restaurants 
* How to choose and where to buy wholefoods
* Lifely cookware, dinnerware, and kitchenware
* Eating from your garden
* Special instructions for those who are diabetic or overweight
* Talk with Debra one-in-one about how to make the transition from eating industrial food to whole food

Tiny House Toxic Free


  • Debra and Larry transform a 1987 motorhome into a tiny house using Lifely principles
  • Discusion of industrial vs lifely housing
  • Nontoxic and lifely products for building and interior finishing
  • Talk with us one-on-one about materials for building any size house and specifically about any aspect of building a tiny house

Spirits Bright


  • Learn why spirit is missing in our materialistic society
  • We're working on a book that will be coming soon
  • Talk with us one-on-one about how you can increase your spiritual awareness and use spirit abilities to solve problems in life

Words of Wisdom


  • Quotations on Spirit-Mind-Body and Nature from throughout history
  • Introductions to leading thinkers in the field and their works

Listen patiently, quietly, and reverently to the lessons, one by one, which Mother Nature has to teach, shedding light on that which was before a mystery, so that all who will, may see and know.
― Luther Burbank

We are not industrial consumers.
We are each spiritual beings with a mind and a body,
who were born of Nature
to live integrated in the ecosystems of planet Earth.