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In order to solve any problem, we need to look at it, take it apart, and understand it in order to find a solution.

Below are links to pages that outline the problem of industrialization.


Industrialism & Consumerism

A short description and history of industrialism and consumerism, so we can all recognize how we interact with industrialism and make an informed decision to continue or change. READ NOW

The Bad Human

Throughout history humans have been portrayed as being naturally "bad" and needing to somehow change our ways in order to be good. In fact, we are inherently good and need only to return to our natural state. READ NOW

The Toxic Environment

In Progress—Coming Soon

The Separation of Spirit & Nature

In Progress—Coming Soon




life as defined by INDUSTRIALIZATION

life as defined by LIFE

products are machine made in complex factories products are handmade or with simple hand tools
high volume production driven by profits low volume production driven by need
"international" design for use in all locales design considers local and regional needs. materials and conditions
lifestyle includes lots of stuff simple lifestyle made up of essential needs and simple comforts
waste and excess efficient use of resources, use only what is needed
disconnected from the land integrated into ecosystem, follows local vernacular
intended for all-year use seasonally-appropriate
impersonal—made by unknown others personal—made by oneself or nearby artisans
consumers dependent on industry producers self-determined, self-reliant, and self-sufficient
fossil fuel transportation —drive, fly human-powered transportation—walk, bike
large amounts of nonrenewable fuels used small amounts of local renewable energy used
disposable durable
mass producded products exactly the same custom-created originals
mass communications—tv, radio, newspaper interpersonal communications—neighbor-to-neighbor, phone trees, newsletters, town meetings