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You've probably heard the phrase "body mind spirit" which is often used today in alternative medicine. This means that the practitioner includes the body, the mind, and the spirit of the client in a "whole person" approach. Yet we have found that in virtually all cases we have seen, the practitioner knows little about spirit, the "spirit" part of the treatment is limited to relaxation or meditation or the like, and the treatment is still primarily oriented to the body.

There is so much more to spirit! In our own study and experience we have found that Spirit is the Source of all Life and each of us is our own unique individual expression of Life. One way to describe this is that the Spirit of Life is experiencing itself through all life forms and systems. Humans are just one of the ways Spirit of Life is experiencing, learning, and expressing itself.

Everything that is living springs from the same source. Without the Spirit of Life, a life form would not be alive.


Spirit & Matter

In traditional spiritual texts, "life" is often divided into spirit and matter. 

Matter includes everything that is physical. This starts with space and time, which is filled with energy and physical matter. The entire planet, earth, air, fire and water, all life forms and all unseen energy in any form belong to the world of matter. This includes all of the physical material of what we call nature and the bodies and minds of humans.

Spirit exists in its own realm. It is not energy, as some writers state. Spirit organizes matter into creations and makes it's creations survive.


Spirit, Mind & Body

In Homo sapiens, "matter" is further divided into mind and body.

What we call the “spirit” of a human being is not the biological body and not the thinking mind, but is in a realm of its own. The spirit is that which is “I”. So from our viewpoint, we're not a body with a mind and a spirit, but a spirit with a mind and a body—thus spirit-mind-body. And therefore...


Many people in the world today have little or no awareness of the existence of spirit, that they are spiritual beings or anything about the characteristics of spirit. But in fact, each one of us is made up of spirit, mind, and body—all three together make the whole human.

We can see in life that some people are more mind-oriented and some more body-oriented and we can see that because body and mind each have their own functions that we can easily observe. So too does the spirit have it's own functions and characteristics, but they are not widely known in our culture and are so are more difficult to observe.

Depending on our level of awareness, we observe life and make decisions from different viewpoints.

Someone who is only aware they are a body will make decisions and create their life from the viewpoint of needing to feed and clothe and shelter the body and to reproduce bodies and have physical pleasures. What is important is to collect possessions and money. This is pretty much the motivation of the world we live in today.

Someone who is also aware they have a mind will make decisions and create their life from the viewpoint of having information. Humans have been moving in that direction for the past few decades, particularly since computers were invented we are creating and collecting and sharing data of all kinds at a mad rate.

And then someone who is aware they are a spiritual being will make decisions and create as the individual expression of the Spirit of Life that they are. This is the next step in our evolution and is already starting to happen.

As it turns out, all of Life has spirit-mind-body components, not just humans. The "body" of the earth is all the physical matter, the "mind" of the earth is all the information being communicated on the level of energy that is invisible to our human eyes, and the "spirit" of the earth is that which keeps the system and all it's parts alive, moving, and surviving in all of its abundance and beauty.

This all may seem strange and unfamiliar to you now, but as you will see it works remarkably well as a simple structure for life. 

The ideas we hold true today once were thought to be unbelievable. Everyone alive since the beginning of the human race thought the world was flat because it looked flat to them, from their perspective. But then the ancient Greeks discovered that the Earth is a sphere and that truth became widely accepted.

It is the same with spirit-mind-body. As more and more people experience the truth of what they are and begin to live from this truth, it will become more and more accepted as truth in the world. It is our truth and we are certain this is truth based on our own experience and observation.