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The Lifely School of Life

We agree the most valuable thing we've learned in life is this:

If you know how to do something—
if your really understand the theory and practice of a subject—
and you have practiced it until you are fluent and experienced,
then you will be able to apply this skill in life and get results.


While working on this website, Debra ran into an example of why this is so important. While she was working on this website, the theme did something strange that she didn't recognize. She randomly clicked on a button without fully understanding what she was doing and she lost the whole page! While she was able to contact tech support and restore the page and fix the problem, it took her 90 minutes to do so. Had she had more understanding of how the theme worked in the first place, she could have spent those 90 minutes writing instead of fixing her error. But she did learn something and made notes so that won't happen again.

We are in the process of establishing The Lifely School of Life to offer courses on various aspects of Life, so you can fully understand Life, your place within it, your human nature, and the world of Living Earth in which you live.

We are excited to share this with you.

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