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The Supreme Law of Life

The Supreme Law of Life is a collection of spiritual and physical laws that exist forever.

They provide a stable foundation for life in an industrial world where things are changing all the time.

People often think that "freedom" means the ability to do anything they want without barriers or restrictions. In fact, in life freedom to do anything results in nothing. What actually creates a direction is a flow with barriers on the sides, like banks on a river. Eliminating the freedom of the water to move to the left or right channels the water to move in a forward in a direction to reach a destination.

For us, laws that make movement in a direction possible create freedom. Freedom is about having freedom to choose, but within that freedom the choice would be in the direction of creating and sustaining life. And sometimes that includes destruction to make way for new life.

Laws need to establish a flow of action in a prosurvival direction and inhibit contrasurvival actions. This is the purpose of laws of life. 

Laws that arbitrarily block or inhibit actions that are prosurvival are not lifely.

Often in the human world, laws are made that block the basic freedoms people need to survive. An example is the Victorian era, People then want to break free and move to the other extreme of "anything goes." But Life is not about "anything goes." It's laws provide direction that results in the ongoing perpetuation of Life.

We'll have more on these laws coming soon.