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• Production based on human need. For most of human history, the production of goods was driven by human need. Goods were not made until there was a use for them.  individual products were made one by one, at home or in the workshops of skilled craftspeople. The goal of production is  how can human needs be fulfilled.
• Natural resources valued for their contribution to Life. From the beginning of human life, the world was considered to be full of life. A forest, for example, was seen as having value in and of itself for it's contributions to conditions on Earth, or a magical place filled with living creatures.
• Use  resources in a sustainable way. Today we are well aware that resources are scarce and need to be used in a way that will continue their regeneration into the future.
• The desire to integrate human activities into nature. Homo sapiens is recognized as a species among other species and new ways of living are being developed that respect this.
• Efficient production as a driving force. Nature is very efficient its production of diverse and unique products, suited to local environments. Efficient production honors personal skill and creativity, local diversity, and local solutions, and living methods based on traditional wisdom and local resources.
• Production in context of Life. The entire lifecycle of a products is considered, and all of its effects. When a product is considered in context, features can be designed into it that benefit all Life.